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David Flamee

David Flamée combines a full-time function as Press & PR at the MoMu Fashion Museum in Antwerp, and working freelance for Sketch, his Press, PR and Support office for fashion, working for clients such as the Antwerp Fashion Department, Mikio Sakabe, RA, Graanmarkt13, Coccodrillo etc...
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Last week I went to Leuven to see the annual concert of the Musicology students, and more in particular to hear the world-creation by Frederik’s brother Alexander De Tey.
I loved the “dramatic” setting of the presenters of the concert, see the picture below!

It was a a great evening and a varied programme in which the students performed Schuman, Mendelssohn, a jazz-trio, cabaret from the 30′s,… AND also a play that was especially composed for this evening by Alexander.
His ‘ParodieConcerto in Fa Groot’, a parody-concerto, is a personal analysis of the Allegro from the Brandenburg Concerto N. 2, in which parts of the  latter also figure and are reworked. It is an atonal play, which means that it does not conform to the system of tonal hierarchies that characterize normal classical music.
I also recorded parts of it, where you can see Alexander also directing his play. I was nicely surprised by the music and really loved it!

If you are into “contemporary classical music”, then you can also tune into Kontakte, an online weekly radio-show on Radio Scorpio each Monday evening from 12PM until 1AM (which is each Tuesday from 8AM until 9AM for Japan). He does the programmation for this show together with his fellow-students Gilles Helsen and Christine Dysers.

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