David Flamee

David Flamee

David Flamée combines a full-time function as Press & PR at the MoMu Fashion Museum in Antwerp, and working freelance for Sketch, his Press, PR and Support office for fashion, working for clients such as the Antwerp Fashion Department, Mikio Sakabe, RA, Graanmarkt13, Coccodrillo etc...
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Today I went to Brussels with Frederik and Alexander to visit the exhibition of Francis Alÿs at Wiels. Francis Alÿs is born as Francis De Smedt, who lives and works for more then 20 years in Mexico. His works give a (sometimes critical) chronic on the Latin-American streetlife and culture.
I liked the exhibition very much, I particullary liked his movies, and more in particular the fact that he managed to find a balance in his esthetic and social message. Art can not change the world but it can make you start thikning on several subjects.
Leader or follower? A video taken in one shot with real sheep.

My favourite movie: Painting! Sometimes when it gets too busy at work I would be so happy to have this guys job!

Other installations:

Another favourite was the project “The 7 lives of garbage”:

Alexander and Frederik at the Wiels restaurant.

More info on Francis Alÿs, click here.