David Flamee

David Flamee

David Flamée combines a full-time function as Press & PR at the MoMu Fashion Museum in Antwerp, and working freelance for Sketch, his Press, PR and Support office for fashion, working for clients such as the Antwerp Fashion Department, Mikio Sakabe, RA, Graanmarkt13, Coccodrillo etc...
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Dear ChangeFashion,

I just returned from a dance performance ‘comme crâne, comme culte’ by Christian Rizzo & L’Association Fragile that was hosted at Walter, the store of Walter Van Beirendonck and Dirk Van Saene in Antwerp.

Christian Rizzo is a French choreographer with a past as fashion designer, rock-musician and dancer. And he is currently being invited by DeSingel in Antwerp to perform several of his choreographic works. During his visits in Antwerp, the Walter-store is one of his compulsory stops in the city. So that is why it was evident for Rizzo to perform one of his pieces at Walter.

The store – a former mechanic’s garage – was completely emptied. Using the iconic figure of a black biker with helmet Rizzo presented a slow, meditative solo-performance using quotations from break-dance  and acrobatics. Christian Rizzo: “I showed a dancer that is unrecognizable by his biker-suit, so that the audience is not fixed on the persona of the dancer. All the attention is on the movement and the costume becomes an ‘inner’ turned inside-out.”