designer of the brand 'mikiosakabe' 'lightning burger' ' Jenny fax'

so long

charity! charity?



we are not crime!!we are happy worker!!

This is very early morning for me ……

i was looking for something to show in my class.

such nice memorial come out……


啊! I have to say that i had very ~nice  Busan trip.

friendly people there,nice stay…….

and  interested companion

                                                                        a man how never stop to complain!

                                                                        a man who worry noone knows he is the “Designer”!!

                                                                        a man name “mini DOG”

Fantastic “na-ni na-ni” san

it wasn’t a good morming for me.

our show is done.the showroom just finished.

have you feel like this?? ; nothing to do but even  more worry!!

in the evening, a new friend(Fantastic na-ni na-ni san) of  my husband guide us to this “Dear Stage” in akb.

when you enter ;exact like the name “Dear satge”.

it’s a dream house.

i don’t know her well but somehow i am very moved.

you should have look by yourself once.

it’s very fantastic!!

so far, so good

i don’t remember how many years  stay in Japan already.

many things  happen,good or bad…….

*candles try out  before show…….

*first showroom with Heaven!!

*looks familiar!

*i start jenny fax!

*giant duffel coat fitting.

* Mr. lonly in 2121


*we went to a BBQ.

*Kitty & Doraimo.

*Sanny found free wifi in the street.

*really first time!!

*i still love this

*favorite t-shirt.

*sleepy farmer

*wig fitting.

*good happen or bad….. let’s “party” at 19th/Oct.


i did promise to put Ikko san ‘s snap in my blog few ~~~~~~month ago!!

because  busy busy time (it’s an excuse!!) totally forget this promise.

after that i couldn’t enjoy my trip in Nakano…….. so afraid to meet him….

today i want to fix it ! ok ! pormise it’s a promise.


i might be disappoint.

actually he was more fashionable than this……

maybe he can find the dissappointment from my face,

very kind Ikko san said; wait!! i got other outfit.

hope is comming back ! i thought.

dala again~~

last sanmurai??

“no comment” was writting on my face.

i felt guilty somehow……

sorry.. Ikko san this come out so late.

anyway when you have time to pass by Nakano Broadway,

don’t forget this 2nd floor’s Fashion leader~Ikko san.

everybody loves jenny fax !!??




    i feel releace that finally

    jenny fax come out








want to sing Madonna’s holiday~~~~~





summer class

                                                                              i start to teach a summer class.

                                                                              students are so nice,i enjoyed it.

missing friend

very recommend!!

haven’t see such fast killer !! time is money!!

“lost” is very interesting but tooo long,finally i am kind of lost,don’t know what i am watching…

“24″ is nice too,but so many terror in U.S?? even more than Mcdonald’s.

hope this time gonna be good one.

actually i just saw 1st disc,already very into it…….

the main character is very similar my missing friend~anne spencer

The army behind JENNY FAX —– Bride