ra is an interactive boutique and space staging fashion presentations and shows, art and video performances, site-specific installations, parties, exhibitions, publication launches and music gigs.
ra promotes projects from local and international names – inviting collaborators to realise their aesthetic in both temporary and permanent installations.
ra is a global vehicle for young talent, travelling to other capitals to exhibit unique collections and projects with a new generation of artists and fashion designers.
the 800sqm space houses two fashion floors, an art gallery, music corner, bookshop and ra kitchen that work together as a marketplace alive with ideas and products.
ra is a space where the exhibition becomes more than visual and where the designer’s universe is installed.

Online shop:

kloosterstraat 13, antwerp 2000, belgium
phone: +32 (0) 3292 3780 fax: +32 (0) 3292 3789

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